Oh I’m tired of this space of the silence of this race of this innocent face I can’t forget
Where could you be now? Do you miss her being around? Cause I’m lost and I am not found.

Well there is something I have to confess
When I’m not lying with you I’m a mess
And though you treat me bad, And make me feel so mad
There’s nothing I want more than to hold your hand

The doctor says I’m really not the well
And she’s unwilling to give me a pill
So common help me out release me from this doubt and tell me honey are you in or are you out?

I give you my whole self and all my time, so please don’t play games with my fragile mind
As the wheels will keep on turning, the hearts will keep on learning
And one day maybe we will understand

I try to find the best way to get out
Cause staying with you keeps me going round and round and round
I’ve always been so straight giving my heart’s 8 out of 8
It’s not me It’s not you it’s not our fate.