Before Dawn

  • Dawn
  • Absence
  • Rooftop
  • Tonight
  • Clock
  • Circles
  • Tame my Mind
  • Wheels
  • Haunted Jail
  • Vodka Lemon Kisses
  • Should I Go
  • It Will Be OK

This album is dedicated to the memory of Nikos P. Papapanou

Mommy, Daddy, Marianna – thank you for supporting me in pursuing my dream and for always being by my side. I would like to thank Anastasis Kagmakis for always being there, George Mylonas for being the best ‘clapper’ in the world, Natasa Mindrinou (Cookie), George & Iasonas Voulgaris for their amazing backing vocals on ‘Tonight’. A big thank you to Vaggelis Kyriazis for putting up with us sleeping in his studio and for all his support. Thank you Cobalt team for embracing my music and ideas and a big thanks for all your help. Stefania Vlastari – unique artist and friend – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful artwork. I would also like to thank all the spectacular musicians who kindly contributed their extraordinary talent to this project: Evripidis Zemenidis, Mihalis Kalkanis, Thanos Michailidis, Christos Petevis (Val), George Theodoropoulos, Antonis Andreou, Antonis Sousamoglou, Miguel Michaelides, Thanasis Sourgounis, Giannis Stefos, you are all so blessed – my admiration and gratitude toward you is infinite. Special thanks to Mihalis Kalkanis for turning off the lights while improvising on ‘Should I Go’ – it was simply magic. Thank you Antoni Sousamoglou for your beautiful contribution on ‘Tonight’. Thano Kalea thank you for all your help and for bringing your amazing aura to the studio. John Lambropoulos – you are such a talented recording engineer and a great friend. I was so blessed working with you. Evripidis Zemenidis – your input to this album is enormous. Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways. This album is ours.





  • Into the ocean 
  • Wrong direction
  • In the light 
  • Break the circle 
  • Deep and Brown 
  • My biggest foe
  • Your only one
  • Never to be found
  • Naked Feeling
  • The kid 

Thank you so much to everyone who made this album possible. All the musicians and sound engineers who poured their talent and enthusiasm into this project – most of them without even knowing me – I wish I could find a way to show you how much this meant to me! Perikles Mathiellis for his beautiful clip and pictures. Stefania Vlastari for her inspired artwork. Panos Sourounis for his support. Eleni, Marianna, Thodoros and Dimitris for being there and putting up with me. Evripidis Zemenidis, I can’t find the right words to thank you. This album is yours.