Oh I’m tired of this space of the silence of this race of this innocent face I can’t forget
Where could you be now? Do you miss her being around? Cause I’m lost and I am not found.

I don’t like this path I walk
And I can’t hide the words I spoke
And you don’t know which way to go again

The night falls heavy in my arms tonight and how I miss your leg between mine
And as he closes his eyes and waits
I can’t stand the way he aches

All these images I have in the daylight in the dark
they keep creeping in my head, oh they’re not dead

Every moment I’m aware
This might end before a stare
so turn those frightened eyes into a dare

The night falls lightly and my spirit’s bright but i still miss your presence here tonight
And as he opens his eyes and waits
He can’t stand the way she aches

Give me something just a sip
Hold me close don’t lose your grip
In your foolish arms I lay
All I want to do today
Plug me in charge my heart
I’ll be ready when we part away